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Welcome to Inside the League 2.0.    Inside the League’s Neil Stratton has served as an advisor to schools from the Big Ten, ACC, WAC, Conference USA and Pac-10, as well as a perennial Division I-AA championship contender. -

Student Athlete Consultation

Student-Athlete Consultation

At Inside the League, our goal is to make the information exchange about the 700-plus NFLPA-licensed agents freer and to help provide those learning about the pro football world with information without any kind of agenda. We do not, of course, advocate any agency and make no recommendations (and we are most certainly not an agency or have any former agents as employees).

Much More than Information Services

If contacted, however, we will answer any kind of question parents have; we keep records of agents who have been fired by former players, we have a good knowledge of which agencies work hand in hand with others, and we also have some idea of who the recruiters (i.e., runners) are for the bigger agencies. Now in our ninth year, ITL is often lumped in with the numerous NFL draft information services, but we’re much more than that.

We think we can provide a service that is helpful as a thumbnail sketch of relevant agencies and what they offer, and just as important, provides a check on agents' claims as to their representation lists. At times, agents like to exaggerate, and it's important to know exactly who they are when considering representation.

The Things You Need to Know

One more note – we strongly recommend that parents of student-athletes considering a pro football career seek out some form of consultation or counseling. Schools vary in their commitment to education of their players after their eligibility is exhausted, and there are many, many decisions to make that have lasting implications. As a service that has studied the agent world comprehensively, we have heard story after story about how young men have gotten cheated, bilked, taken advantage of, or just plain lied to, and we have a pretty good handle on just what kind of things players need and need to know about the process as they go forward.

It's an Honor

We consider the opportunity to help prepare student-athletes for the next level an honor, and look forward to continuing to grow our client list.

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