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Welcome to Inside the League 2.0.    Inside the League’s Neil Stratton has served as an advisor to schools from the Big Ten, ACC, WAC, Conference USA and Pac-10, as well as a perennial Division I-AA championship contender. -

I am a Financial Advisor

I am a financial advisor

No one likes to be the awkward guy standing alone outside the locker room or by the bus, hoping to meet a player or his parents. Maybe at one point you've even been that guy, but with Inside the League, no longer.

No More Waiting

In the past, financial professionals had two choices: either get out to the places players go and hope to get seconds of face time, or sit desperately by the phone, praying for it to ring. Become a client, however and we'll put you right into the thick of things.

We'll Save You Time and Trouble

We let you know which players have signed with which agents, saving you endless legwork. We give you opportunities to go to the best schools and talk directly to the players and coaches, getting ahead of your competition while making an early impression on the best student-athletes. We give you chances to meet players' parents on a personal level in a casual setting, allowing you to make a real connection.

The Latest Information

And of course, we provide you with all the latest buzz and news you need to know to keep abreast of things in the fast-paced world of player representation.




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